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Wellcome Collection Exhibition

Core of Culture provides the Buddhist dance footage in the Wellcome Collection’s Tibet’s Secret Temple exhibition

Curated by Ruth Garde and James Peto of the Wellcome Collections, and based on the the Thames&Hudson book of the same name by Buddhist art expert, Ian Baker, The Dalai Lama’s Secret Temple exhibition at the prestigious Wellcome Collection, examines the healing properties of Buddhist and Yogic practice. The exhibition will feature life-size recreations of the temple murals and art. Accompanying this reconstruction will be the inclusion of Buddhist dance footage, provided by Core of Culture in partnership with the New York Public Library.

"Tibet’s Secret Temple was one of the most popular exhibitions at Wellcome Collection since it opened ten years ago. In terms of daily average, it was the third most visited exhibition out of thirty in total. The visitor comments were extremely favourable. It was the first exhibition which focussed wholly on the Eastern medicine tradition and definitely attracted many visitors who are interested in those areas (yoga, meditation, etc)." - Co-curator Ruth Garde.

To see examples of the type of Buddhist dancing that will be presented in the exhibition, please visit the New York Public Library’s Bhutan Dance Database created by Core of Culture.